I completed yoga teacher training at HYA Yoga Studio and Training Academy at Miranda, Sydney.

You can find me regularly at the following locations and times:

I am covering a whole bunch of classes at these studios. Check the class timetables through the above links.


This is what you will get from me as a yoga teacher…

  • A genuine love for, curiosity and interest in people
  • A calm, peaceful and grounding nature
  • Guided asana practice (vinyasa style) with care and attention on alignment and safety
  • A continual student of the yoga practice
  • A continual student of life
  • Focusing on more than just asana
  • Creation of a safe, supportive and open space for exploration
  • A continual explorer of consciousness, heart expansion and philosophy… to facilitate and inspire this space for inquiry and deeper Self knowing for others
  • Someone to support and walk alongside others on a simultaneous journey home to the Self
  • A space holder
  • A women’s circle facilitator
  • An experience creator
  • A health and nutrition nerd (nutrition and health coaching studies)
  • An ecstatic dancer, movement and play explorer

My yoga practice, teacher training and yoga teaching itself has taught me so much!! What draws me in most about yoga is not necessarily the physical poses themselves. I realised early on in my yoga journey that the poses are a vehicle for Self-discovery, awareness and inquiry. And what I’ve also realised really lights my fire is to hold space and share from experience to inspire this inquiry, realisation and deeper understanding of Self, both simultaneously for the receiving yogi and me (one and the same).

Developing my own practice and abilities to teach/facilitate is a continuous evolution throughout life. So is deeper Self knowing. And what a gift it is to have this shared experience of awakening and remembering.

Yoga for me, holds the container to go beyond cool poses and getting upside down. (Although I love all of that too!)…. Unity, tribe, connection, remembrance, inspiration, love, support, understanding, realisation, confusion, emotion, felt sense, letting go, resistance, fear, grounding, fire, flow, space, movement, play, discipline, fun, joy, freedom, bliss, creativity, wisdom, healing, falling down, getting up… embodying and witnessing the human experience and beyond… It’s all here… disguised as a headstand, lunge, backbend, deep stretch, animal pose, making shapes, or the final surrender. And aside from all these things, it just FEELS so good!! I look forward to seeing you on the mat!