Find a Class

Come join me on the mat! You can find me regularly at the following locations and times:

Connect the Dots, Oatley
Mondays 6:00pm (Meditation + Sound) and 7:30pm (Flow)

Thursdays 6:00pm (Yin) and 7:30pm (Meditation + Sound)

The Collective, Miranda
Tuesdays 4:30pm (Yin)

The Collective, Caringbah
Fridays 9:45am (Vinyasa)

HYA Yoga Cronulla
Sundays 4:30pm (Yin)

Alasana Hypnotherapy & Yoga
Tuesdays 7:00pm (Yin)

Sundays 6:30pm (Yin)


I also cover at HYA Yoga Cronulla and Connect the Dots.