Native American Flute

The more I walk down this path of reconnecting, the more fascinated I become by sound, vibration and music. This has led me to learning and playing the Native American Flute in my classes, workshops, women’s circles and my Reconnected Grounding Experience.

When I play, I feel calm, grounded, and peaceful. The sound resonates in my body and takes me to a beautiful meditative place. Many of my students have shared similar experiences when I play for them.

I am deeply inspired by Native American cultures and this soulful, healing instrument. Each time I play the flute it feels like a remembering of the sounds of our ancestors. The vibration transports me to the sounds and sensations of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, a place I keep close to my heart.

I spent time in the Amazon where I experienced deep healing and growth. This incredibly enhanced my flute playing and connection to myself, others, the Earth, music, my purpose… to it all… I want to share these experiences through sound to facilitate healing for others.