Yin Yoga Sequence: 60 Minutes (Flow in Silence)

This sequence came about when I decided to teach a class in (mostly) complete silence – no music, minimal talking from me (except presenting the intention at the start of class, guiding into the poses and counter poses, and short sentences here and there as students settle into each pose). The idea was to take stillness a layer deeper and notice what happens when there is also silence…. if this changes the experience, if it’s uncomfortable, and also to appreciate and remember how precious peace and quiet is.

I wanted this sequence to flow well with minimal movement to transition to the next pose. Let me know what you think!

You can read all about this for context in my philosophy post, here.


  1. Butterfly (5 minutes) > Counter – Straighten legs and lean back on hands. Place feet flat on ground and sway hips side to side.
  2. Deer (R) – (3 minutes) > Counter – Transition straight into Lateral Dragonfly. Straighten left leg and lean back on hands, few breaths.
  3. Lateral Dragonfly (L) – (3 minutes) > Counter – Lean back on hands.
  4. Deer (L) – (3 minutes)
  5. Reclining Butterfly (5 minutes) > Counter – Straighten legs. Then you could also place your feet flat on ground and sway hips side to side.
  6. Sleeping Swan (R) – (3 minutes) > Counter – Transition straight into Dragonfly and turn sideways on your mat, by straightening your right leg and facing the left side wall.
  7. Dragonfly (5 minutes) > Counter – Lean back on your hands. Then transition into Sleeping Swan on your left side, facing the back of your mat.
  8. Sleeping Swan (L) – (3 minutes) > Counter – Tabletop for a few breaths.
  9. Sphinx (4 minutes)
  10. Seal (2 minutes) – Or stay in Sphinx > Counter – Rest forward on hands. Bend knees and sway hips from side to side.
  11. Anahatasana (or Child’s pose) – (3 minutes)
  12. Bridge – supported (5 minutes) > Counter – Baby Giraffe
  13. Spinal Twist (R) – (3 minutes)
  14. Spinal Twist (R) – (3 minutes)
  15. Waterfall (5 minutes)
  16. Savasana (5 minutes)

You can Yin with me at the following places:

Mondays and Thursdays
The Loft Pilates and Barre @ 7:30pm

Connect the Dots Oatley 9:00am

Connect the Dots Oatley 4:00pm

Plus covers at HYA Yoga and HYA Yoga Cronulla

Plus Sunday 30th September, 4:00-6:00pm
Women’s Circle with Yin Yoga at Sutherland Yoga (last of this year)

*Do you want an enhanced Yin Yoga experience? Check out my Reconnected Grounding Experience here.

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