Yin Yoga Sequence: 60 Minutes (Challenge in Stillness)

This sequence came about after a challenge I was presented with at a studio I have recently been covering Yin classes at. It includes some of the more challenging, yang-like poses that I wouldn’t normally teach in class. You can read more about this and the context, here.


  1. Cesar (Toe) Pose (2 minutes) > Counter pose – Table top, straighten legs behind you one at a time
  2. Dangling (2 minutes)
  3. Squat (2 minutes) – Yin-style yogi squat – allow shoulders to rest and gently relax head by allowing it to naturally bow forward.
  4. Dangling (2 minutes)
  5. Squat (2 minutes)
  6. Sleeping Swan (R) – (3 minutes) – Counter > Tabletop – Cat-Cow
  7. Sleeping Swan (L) – (3 minutes) – Counter > Tabletop – Cat-Cow
  8. Saddle (or Half Saddle or Reclining Butterfly) – (4 minutes or 2 minutes each side for half Saddle)
  9. Sphinx (3 minutes)
  10. Seal (2 minutes or stay in Sphinx) > Counter – Rest forehead on hands. Bend knees, sway hips from side to side.
  11. Child’s Pose Twist (R) – (3 minutes)  Counter > Tabletop – Cat-Cow – Straighten one leg at a time behind you.
  12. Child’s Pose Twist (L) – (3 minutes)  Counter > Tabletop – Cat-Cow – Straighten one leg at a time behind you.
  13. Anahatasana (or Child’s pose) – 3 minutes
  14. Dragon (R) – (3 minutes)
  15. Dragon (L) – (3 minutes)
  16. Butterfly (4 minutes)
  17. Fish Pose (3 minutes) > Counter – Mini Savasana
  18. Spinal Twist (R) – (3 minutes)
  19. Spinal Twist (L) – (3 minutes)
  20. Stirrup (Happy Baby) – (2 minutes)
  21. Savasana (5 minutes)


You can Yin with me at the following places:

Mondays and Thursdays
The Loft Pilates and Barre @ 7:30pm

Connect the Dots Oatley 9:00am

Connect the Dots Oatley 4:00pm

Plus covers at HYA Yoga and HYA Yoga Cronulla

Plus Sunday 30th September, 4:00-6:00pm
Women’s Circle with Yin Yoga at Sutherland Yoga (last of this year)

*Do you want an enhanced Yin Yoga experience? Check out my Reconnected Grounding Experience here.


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