A Yin Sequence for Home Practice

Here’s how you can implement it easily into your day without needing to travel to and from a yoga studio. A pranayama breath practice, 6 poses and Savasana. All you need is about 40 minutes. You can do this on a mat or in bed. Your choice.

Remember to notice if you wander off in thought, and use your breath as an anchor to bring you back into presence, either by fully focusing on it, noticing the in breath and/or out breath. Or by feeling it move and flow through you as your body expands, contracts, softens. It can help to use visualisation here, imagining the breath/energy flowing throughout your entire being. You can play gentle music or simply practice in silence. You can also use the Insight Timer app to time your practice or you can estimate the time held in each pose. I usually intuitively estimate. Feel free to adjust the timing to suit your needs.

Also note that you don’t need to push past your edge when you practice Yin. Make sure you are only going to about 50% and that you are comfortable. If you find there is discomfort, adjust and back off as needed.

Pranayama > Wide-knee Child’s Pose Twist (Right + Left sides) > Sphinx Pose > Closed-knee Child’s Pose > Dragonfly > Caterpillar > Reclining Butterfly > Savasana.

Once you’ve finished your practice, notice how you feel. And then see if you can keep this up consistently. Even on days where you may only have a spare 10 minutes. 2 poses is better than none 🙂

Those of you who would like a shorter Yin practice sequence, get your 20 minute sequence here.


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