Yin Yoga Philosophy: Yin and Sound Medicine Journeys

Since coming home from Peru, so many of you that come to my Yin classes have shared your experiences of feeling like you’re being taken on a journey into the jungle, the Amazon or Peru through class. Some of you don’t even know I spent time there.

This warms my heart and I can feel how deeply I carry and channel this energy through me, to you. For the past 4 years I have been working with medicinal plants and sacred ceremonies which have been a huge part of my growth, heart opening and healing. I know that I carry healing energy from these experiences and beyond, to support others in their own healing and growth.

All of the above naturally led to an insight that came through for me in meditation recently to create a space in my classes that evokes a nature-like, ceremonial atmosphere through shamanic medicine music, Amazonian nature sounds and my Native American Flute, taking the students on a journey through the heart of nature and back to their own hearts.

This type of space will be uncomfortable for some as it may be an unfamiliar experience or stir up that which is in the shadow. Yin yoga already does this, and combining this with a shamanic-feel may amplify the releasing, shaking and stirring. But this is powerful healing work and I feel is part of my path.

The same day I received this insight I was teaching a class that night, so I created a medicine music playlist, guided a forest visualisation and played my flute for an extended Savasana. I also received powerful ancestral transmissions as I held space and I could feel the amazing healing energy of this class.

Some of the feedback I received about student’s experiences in this class was next-level emotional releasing like a medicine journey, extreme peacefulness and one student felt like they were a Native American Indian as he journeyed back in time…

I am honoured and dedicated to create a safe, nurturing, unique, powerful healing space for every one of you that steps into the room. I will continue to do this for as long as I can.

Some words from Matt M. about the journey he went on in my classes recently… two days in a row (shared with permission). I love hearing about the fascinating experiences students have in class.

Day 1: “Hello Lucy, just wanted to thank you again for this morning. I was on a relaxing journey in a jungly forest through most of class. Feel great. My hips feel twice as wide as well.” 😆

Day 2: “So I was next to a creek, there was a fire going and I could hear the water burbling over the rocks. I was hunting. Then I moved into the tree tops, in a wooden shelter at night in the moonlight looking down at the ground near a river. There were children, laughing, playing. I felt a sense of responsibility for a/many families, then I felt a bit emotional. It passed then I was back in myself in the room.

This was at the beginning, not long after the breathing exercise. I had a little bit of energy leave me, through my hands and yawning. Then was super relaxed throughout.

Your Yin classes are fantastic Lucy, much gratitude to you as well for sharing your flute playing in Savasana. I love it when you all have a personal touch at the end of class… Usually my favourite part.”

How wonderful is this?! I really LOVE holding space for others to have these experiences!

If you’re in Sydney, especially the Sutherland Shire or Oatley, I’d love for you to come on a journey with me, into the heart of the jungle, and back to yourself.

Check out the “Find a Class” section for my teaching schedule.

Check out my “Yin Medicine” Spotify playlist that I’ve been using in classes recently.

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