Yin Yoga Philosophy: The Yin and Sound Synergy – Enter the Native American Flute

There are so many forms of healing and ways to deepen the knowing of ourselves. Yin Yoga is an incredible tool to expand our awareness, shift stuck energy and emotional states, allowing us to show up in the world and relate to others and ourselves in a more peaceful and mindful way.

Yoga seems to be a wonderful container for creative expression and exploration into other avenues of healing.

My connection to sound became enhanced within the yoga space whilst also experiencing other forms of healing through plants and shamanic practices. As I expanded within myself, my fascination with sound and vibrational healing also expanded. It makes sense, when we realise that we are vibration. Everything is vibration. Sound is a powerful way to facilitate healing. It calms the body and mind, moves energy blocks and creates space, allowing deeper connection to Self and others.

Two of my absolute favourite things are the Native American flute and Yin yoga. I started playing the flute about 5 months ago and I bring it into my classes and women’s circles.

What happens when you combine two powerful forms of healing like Yin and Sound?

From student’s feedback on their experiences, as well as my own experience both receiving the sound and playing for others during a Yin class, there is a noticeable resonance of vibration in different areas of the body, enhanced peacefulness, lightness, clarity and connection. Some students have also experienced being taken on an incredible journey at the end in Savasana once I start playing the flute. What an amazing synergy this is.

Yin Yoga reminds me of and takes me back to that peaceful place within myself, that is always here, is always accessible and is my true nature. I am deeply inspired by Native American cultures and the soulful, healing nature of the flute. Each time I play it feels like a remembering of the sounds of our ancestors. The vibration transports me to the sounds and sensations of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, a place I keep close to my heart and that incredibly enhanced my flute playing and connection to myself, others, the Earth, music, my purpose… to it all.

Bring the two together and it’s pure bliss.

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