Yin Yoga Philosophy: The Power of Space and Silence

Lately I’ve been remembering what a gift it is to have silence in everyday life. It’s so refreshing and calming to have contrast to the daily noise and distraction. When there is silence, there is space for inner wisdom to be heard. There is space for mind “stuff” to come up and look at. There is space for discomfort to be recognised. There is space for expanded awareness.

I decided to experiment with this in some of my Yin classes recently. No music, minimal talking from me, except guiding into poses and transitions, plus a sentence here or there to help settle into poses…. The rest of the time, just silence and subtle sounds within the surrounding environment. Music is beautiful and talking through class is helpful to bring people back to presence, but it can also be distracting and take students out of their practice and experience.

In Yin, stillness is a challenge. But what if we added another layer of challenge and combined stillness with silence? The intention was to see how comfortable or uncomfortable my students were with being with themselves in silence, as well as to remember this peaceful place within themselves and remind them how precious it is to have this space and time for peace and quiet.

I received some great feedback. Most seemed to really enjoy the silence, and everyone had a different experience. Some really noticed how busy their minds are, how much they jump between past and future, how reactive they are, how it’s more challenging to be present, how uncomfortable silence is, how far they’ve come in appreciating silence as a gift rather than wanting to avoid it, and more.

In one of the classes I turned some music on just for Savasana, as a contrast for the silence of the rest of class, and one of the students said it made the music feel louder than usual, and she realised how much she enjoyed and welcomed the silence.

I will continue to offer this experience of silence in my classes. Not in every class, but whenever it feels good to do so.

Have you practised Yin in silence before? Do you take time in your everyday life to be in silence? Can you get comfortable with silence or do you need to fill the space? Do you need to distract the peace with talking, moving, music, tasks. If this is you… what are you avoiding? What are you distracting yourself from?

Get the “Flow in Silence” Yin sequence that I used for these classes here.

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*Do you want an enhanced Yin Yoga experience? Check out my Reconnected Grounding Experience here.


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