Yin Yoga Philosophy: The Gift of Stillness

“Let it be still, and it will gradually become clear.” ~ Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Modern  life is so busy and it has become even more important to balance the craziness with some down time to stop, slow down, be still and reconnect. Yin Yoga is perfect for this. Not only are we sitting or laying in yoga poses, energy is continually moving within us, emotional and mental states are shifting, and we are aiming to calm the mind and body, so that we can allow ourselves to simply, “just be.”

Amongst all the to-do lists and the constant “doing, striving and achieving”, we forget that our natural state is “being.”

How often do you allow yourself to be still? It wouldn’t seem like it, but being still can be really challenging. It sounds like a paradox. How hard is it to be there and do nothing? For some of us, it’s harder than it sounds!

I often share the mantra in most of my classes that came to me in meditation one day. “There’s nothing to do. There’s nowhere to be.”

This is such a releasing, grounding and perspective-shifting mantra. It is a great reminder to allow ourselves to let go of the need to be anywhere, do anything, or even, be anything for anyone else or what we are told we need to be and do.

As we bathe in stillness while making shapes, we also have the opportunity to be with ourselves and see our “stuff”, if we are open and have the awareness to notice. This can be confronting, but the benefits on the other side are totally worth it! It is within the gift of stillness that we can see, hear and feel more clearly.

Being still can show us how busy our minds are, how stressed our bodies are, and how crazy some of our thoughts are! We can notice how we deal with challenge, if resistance comes up, if emotion or tension shows up, how we talk to ourselves, and so many other possible insights.

Stillness really is a gift. A precious one. Each time you go to a yin class or practice yin at home, you are also giving yourself the gift of self care, of greater self awareness, of reconnecting with that peaceful place within you and remembering who you truly are, beyond the craziness of life and beyond the perceptions of the mind.

Another way you can be still, especially if you are short on time or need a brief moment to pause, is to simply just sit or lay somewhere comfortable and close your eyes for 5 or 10 minutes. Remember to breathe. Become aware to what you can notice. Thoughts, sensations, emotions, energy, tension. Notice how you feel afterwards. By using our breath and being still, we have the ability to shift our whole state of being, in every moment.

For some of my yin yoga sequences, check out these links below.

20 minutes

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*Do you want an enhanced Yin Yoga experience? Check out my Reconnected Grounding Experience here.

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