Yin Yoga Philosophy: Slow Down, Ground and Reconnect with Yourself

I love Yin Yoga!! Although it took me a while to realise this. Have you practised Yin before??

When I first tried a couple of yin classes, I thought I didn’t like it. I walked out thinking, “this is too slow and boring, I want to move!”  (clearly I didn’t get it!!)

I didn’t practice Yin for many months after that and just practiced Vinyasa and Embodied Flow for a while.

Then one day I decided to go back to Yin. I found myself dropping into a deeper place within me, and I left the class feeling floaty, calm, blissful and grounded. “Ahhh, I get it now!!”

Modern life is filled with such yang energy and a go, go, go mentality. It’s necessary to slow down, be in stillness and reconnect with our heart. This is where we can hear the wisdom within and gain deeper insight into ourselves. Yin can be the perfect way to experience this.

I’ve been using a mantra in my yin classes that came to me in meditation a while ago. “There’s nothing to do. There’s nowhere to be.” I find these words to allow an internal release, presence and grounding.



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