Yin Yoga Philosophy: Knowing Thyself

Oh Yin Yoga, you are delicious….

I did my second Yin Yoga Teacher Training recently and I am always reminded how amazing it is when I slow down, be still and become aware. This then allows me to receive the gifts of being able to watch (my stuff) and listen (to the wisdom within).

Have you practised Yin before? I love love love how I feel, both when practising and teaching.

My Yin practice enables me to reconnect with and remember that peaceful place within, and it’s from that place that I can discover deeper parts within myself and become more Self aware. This is one of the most profound gifts of this life I feel… and Yin facilitates this so beautifully… if we are willing and open to see, watch, listen and feel. Bliss.

Yin is so much more than just holding poses and making shapes, if you are willing and open to go deeper.

The other day in practice, I noticed how I dealt with challenge in two consecutive poses that started to feel uncomfortable for me. I sat in the discomfort and did not try and step back to make myself comfortable or ease the sensation and tension. I didn’t run away from the challenge.

I then realised that this is similar to how I deal with challenges in everyday life. I sit in and feel the discomfort, I make myself endure it and I don’t run away from it. This can be both a blessing and a curse.

Quite often what shows up on the mat is an insight to what is present off the mat.

There is endless opportunity for Self discovery and knowing thyself in the stillness and space of a yin practice 🧘‍♂️

Yogi’s! What have you noticed about yourself during practice?


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