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Hosted by Lucy Lichtenstein ~ Sound Healing by Karina Pupo
 *If you are a yoga studio or similar space that is interested in having a women’s circle run at your location, feel free to get in contact!
Women’s circles are an ancient ritual. Women (and communities) have been gathering in circle for many thousands of years, to be together, share wisdom and empower each other in a focused and attentive way. When we come together as a group, the space held by the collective enables magic to happen, bonds to form, creativity to flow, not to mention laughter and fun. All of this transcends what words can express.
The Reconnected.me Women’s Circle is a safe, supportive, nurturing and loving space, where you are seen and heard, and where you are free to be yourself. Circle brings the gift of connection, sisterhood, healing, inspiration, love, empowerment, deeper self knowing and more.
This is a monthly circle, on the first Wednesday of the month, beginning Wednesday 7th February.
Each month we will explore a different theme that represents a part of our nature or that is a common experience for us all, to deepen the knowing of ourselves and to remember and express who we truly are, underneath all the layers of our being. We do this through sharing, group or partner activities, movement, meditation, reflecting, writing, drawing, etc. The activities may differ month to month.
Circle will finish with a sound healing experience.
– February 7th – Wild
– March 7th – Holding Space
– April 4th – Play
– May 2nd – Growth
– June 6th – Contribution
– July 4th – Letting Go
– August 1st – Heart Wisdom
– September 5th – Tribe and Community
– October 3rd – Self Love
– November 7th – Creativity
– December 6th – Inspiration
Come along and connect with a community of beautiful women. Reconnect with yourself. You are free to come every month or simply whenever fits in with your schedule.
SOUND HEALING with Karina Pupo – The Yoga Movement
Sound healing has been used for many thousands of years as a traditional form of healing. More recently it has become an alternative medicine for stress, sleep disorders and anxiety. Through the use of crystal bowls, chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, drums, and vocal sounds and chants, participants are guided into a deep state of meditation where the vibrations made by the instruments used, match and raise the frequency of parts of the body that suffer from blockages.
Karina uses a range of crystal bowls, chimes and her strong and soulful voice to clear blocked energy and help relax the body and mind. This is an incredible healing experience.
Lucy is a wellness writer, women’s circle facilitator, yoga teacher, holder of space and podcast host of the Reconnected.me Podcast.
Lucy believes in spreading love, health, kindness and inspiration. Her path of heart is to share from experience to serve, support, hold space for and walk alongside others on a simultaneous journey home to the Self.
Karina is a yoga teacher, sound healer, shamanic re-birther, holder of space and writer. She is also the creator and facilitator of the Empowering the Wild workshops.
Karina believes in empowering and amplifying the knowing in others, for in all things, it is in the embodiment that the knowing grows. And the knowing is grounding.
WHEN AND WHERE – Women’s Circle Sutherland Shire
Time: 7:30-9:30pm. The first Wednesday of each month. Please arrive 10 minutes early to ensure we are able to commence circle on time.
Location: HYA Yoga Miranda. 4/601 Kingsway, Miranda NSW 2228 (Entrance on Central Road, opposite Kingsway Restaurants, Westfield Shopping Centre)
Parking: Coles carpark on Central Road has unlimited parking in the evening.
A notebook, pen and water. Best to eat dinner beforehand. Water will also be available.
$45 per circle. Packages are available.
*Option 1: 3 circles – $123 ($41 per circle ~ Save $12)
*Option 2: 5 circles – $200 ($40 per circle ~ Save $25)
*Option 3: 10 circles – $390 ($39 per circle ~ Save $60)
To reserve your space in circle, please book your ticket through the “GET TICKETS” button below. Cash or card payments are available on the night, however it’s recommended to book in advance as spaces are limited to 16 women only.
If you are a yoga studio or similar space that is interested in having a women’s circle run at your location, feel free to get in contact!
Phone: 0487 992 234 (Lucy)
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