Women Supporting Women

WOMEN!! Some questions for the women out there!! 

What is your perception of women in general from your own experience? Hard work? Bitchy? Wonderful? Supportive? Something else?

How do you feel about connecting with other women? Does it scare you? Do you want to but find it hard to connect meaningfully?

Do you have many close female friendships or do you find it easier to be around and connect with men?

I am curious about your experiences and perceptions!

I’ve mostly always had close female friends throughout my life, but I realise that this may not be the case for all women… I feel so blessed to have such strong, supportive, incredible Goddesses around me that fully support me and vice versa, but it’s not always easy to find, and I would love for all women to have this! It is such a gift!

This is why we need to come together and stand by each other’s side. To walk beside rather than above or in front. To ditch the competition and embrace collaboration. To hold space rather than hold grudges. To be together rather than separate. To celebrate tribe rather than individualism. To support and let ourselves be supported rather than feeling like we have to do it alone. To have each other’s backs and rise together. This way, we are stronger. 

There is something so powerful and healing about women supporting and empowering other women. There is something so beautiful about sisterhood and soul sister connections. A deep understanding and knowing beyond words. Do you agree? Share below!

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