Where Do I “Fit” In?

Where do I “fit” In?

This is the question I asked myself for a very long time, ever since I was in school. It became clear to me many years ago that I was “different.” At least that’s how my mind perceived me to be (perpetuating the separation).
I did my fair share of partying, drinking and taking drugs back in the day. But after a while it started to get old and this highlighted to me how different my interests and aspirations started to become to my closest friend groups at the time.
While others were working the 9-5, getting drunk and plastered at pubs, bars and nightclubs, going on messy holiday benders and living for the weekend, I was volunteering in communities in Africa, walking down the health conscious path, dreaming of how I could be my best self, help others and contribute to making the world a more peaceful place.
One is not better, less or more enjoyable than the other, just different paths.
It’s not easy when you drift apart from people that you’ve shared life with for so many years and that you love. But what I’ve learned is that this is part of the cycles of change in life/nature. Birth, growth, flowering, death, rebirth. Old energy out, new, more resonant energy in.
And this is exactly what has happened for me. On this path of allowing the cycles of change to do their thing, I’ve met, reconnected and fallen in love with soul family that are walking aligned paths. The health space, yoga and women’s circles have been a huge part of this!! This makes the challenges of perceived belonging totally worth it.
Can you relate to any of this? If so, how?

Are you a women in Sydney and looking to find your tribe?? Feel free to check out this page for our upcoming women’s circles.

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