We Are All In This Together

We are all in this together… This continues to come up for me again and again. It’s no surprise that this is a commonly stated and felt notion in our world, as it honours the tribal part of our nature.

What is that feeling of “loneliness” that some of us may feel? Or that sense of belonging that we deeply desire?? Or that worry that we don’t “fit” anywhere?

That is a deep, innate calling and yearning for the expression of this aspect of our nature that exists in all of us.
But it gets suppressed or dulled when we think we have to try to do everything ourselves, or build our own empire, be a “lone wolf” or rise above people… all of which seems to be a product of influence by a society that values individualism. That is not our nature.

We are tribal beings. We are here to connect, collaborate and contribute. We are stronger together. We can lift each other up and rise together. We can shine together. We can support each other. We are a family of sisters and brothers. It takes a village.

Mass healing of the world can come from opening our hearts and really seeing and feeling each other in this light.
How beautiful is it to know that you are forever surrounded by your fellow sisters and brothers, wherever you are. Yes some may be more closely connected, known, and an integral part of our lives than others and we have friends and best friends, but think about how even more amazing it could be if we all realised and embodied this.

We truly are in this together. You never have to walk alone. One tribe. One family. One source of consciousness. One breath. One heart. One love.

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