Do you trust yourself and the unfolding of your life? Or do you try to control it?

Several years ago, I came to a point where I wasn’t sure where my life was headed and I started to question (big time) what I was doing. I was on a path of nutrition and health, which I absolutely love for my own life, but it wasn’t filling me up to serve in this way.

I chose to put my hands up, let go and trust that wherever I was headed was where I needed to go. No more forward planning or controlling, and instead, watching the path unfold.

What happened for the 2 years after that, until today, has been epic. My life unexpectedly turned upside down in the most beautiful way. I continued to walk the path of conscious living, deepened my spiritual discovery of Self and the Medicine journey, and then, smack me in the face, a redirection of my purpose came to light!

In walks yoga and the incredible yogi lifestyle and community/tribe that comes with it. More unfolding. In walks women’s circles and Reiki. In walks sound healing and the Native American Flute. In walks Amazonian adventures in Peru. In walks the creation of my Yin Sound Medicine Journeys and Reconnected Grounding Experience. In walks opportunity… and life just keeps unfolding, shifting, changing form and becoming formless. I love it.

Moral of the story… I couldn’t write (control and plan) a story like this if I tried. I let go and stuff just kept rolling in. I trusted.

Yes, the forward thinking, questioning of trust and fear about the uncertainty of it all still pops up, but I’ve realised that this is also where the colours of the rainbow and excitement lies! I feel like living this way is more from the heart and less from the mind… which from my experience gets more easeful the more I let go, heal and grow. It’s always a dance between the two.

There can still be value in intentions and goals. I still have an idea of where I would like to go. But it’s also really valuable to put it out there, detach from the outcome and stay open to what flows in (and out). I’ve found this to be so freeing of resistance, expectation and disappointment, with more space for pleasure, play, fun, love, peace and more. Forever dancing and practicing!

How does this sit with you? Can you let it go and let it flow? Share below! ❤️