Can You Stay?

This is a question I have been asking myself a lot this year. .

Can I stay with the discomfort and shadow parts of myself that can be painful to see, uncomfortable to feel, messy to experience, but also powerful to integrate and heal?

Can I stay when all I really want to do is run and hide?

The true practice on this path of personal and collective growth is to stay when you don’t want to. It’s to allow what is happening to just happen. It’s to let go of resistance and to let it all just be as it is.

I know…. Not. Always. Easy. Forever practising! 🙃

Can you stay when a situation in your life is challenging you to the max?

Can you stay when things get uncomfortable in a relationship with another?

Can you stay when it’s scary, messy, painful or cringe-worthy?

Can you stay in the discomfort, knowing that it is not permanent, and on the other side is growth, expansion and great potential for flow, joy, love, connection, peace and happiness?

For me, no matter how icky or uncomfortable it is, I know I need to keep doing the work, even when I try to distract myself or run away. .

I know I need to keep doing this for myself, for others, for the collective, the planet, those who came before us and those that will come after. .

Look within. Look at yourself. Look at what you are doing and how you are being. Check in continually. Healing worldwide starts inside ❤️

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