The Yoga of Everything

On the weekend I was at the @project_yes_and Festival and one of the best take-aways I received was during a talk by Harry Lancaster from @eggoftheuniverse on The Yoga of Eating.

I’ve been a long time whole-foodie and health nerd, way before yoga, and I used to practice mindful eating many years ago. During Harry’s talk, I realised that I had stopped doing so. I realised how often I’m not fully present in the process of eating food, that I don’t slow down and take the time to contemplate where it came from, notice the scents, flavours, sensations and emotions, the energy and life force that it provides me, and to give thanks for it more often.

I know when food makes me feel good, which foods don’t serve me and what works for my body. I am diligent at eating wholefoods, cooking and sourcing them from quality producers, but this is only part of the whole picture and I realised I have become complacent at experiencing this life giving food in a deeper, more present way.

Half the time I multi-task when eating, or I’m thinking about other things, or I eat really quickly and then head out the door or onto the next thing. Can you relate?

Since I received these reminders, it also got me thinking about other aspects of life where I could be more present. .

Not only have I been reconnecting with the Yoga of Eating, I’ve even applied this to other things, like the yoga of driving, the yoga of conversation, the yoga of showering, the yoga of cooking, the yoga of dishwashing, the yoga of walking… It’s endless! The Yoga of Everything!

This has opened me up to a whole new perspective on the everyday and I’m noticing things I haven’t noticed before! It’s wonderful!

How present are you with the food you eat and the life you live? How present are you with the everyday things that go unnoticed? .

Consider practising the Yoga of Everything!

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