Ssshhh…. quiet… can you hear that?

Hear what?

A whisper. Louder. A call. Louder. A crying out. Louder. A song. Louder. A symphony….

Wait… I think I can hear it. Ssshhh… What are you listening to???

Why, it’s the sound of the heart… that’s always speaking, that’s always singing, that’s always dancing, that’s always loving….

Ssshhh, turn the noise down so I can hear it too. I can only hear a whisper. How can I make it louder??

The more you let go, the more you can hear it. Let the expectations go, let the attachments go, let the fears and limiting beliefs go, calm the mind, silence the distraction.

There, I let something go….

Now can you hear the beauty of your heartsong? The song that guides, that always knows, that sings at a whisper and will play for you a symphony, if you are willing to listen. If you are willing to really hear it…

Oh yes, I heard it, I heard it just for a moment… It told me to remember. It told me to love. It shared with me my true wisdom. Now I know to remember to listen.