The Power of Connection

What is connection?

Is it feeling so full and happy within yourself that you feel like you could burst?

Is it feeling like you are part of a group, a community, a tribe, and something greater than yourself?

Is it when I let down my walls, and give you permission to let down yours, and we stay open to receive as we meet heart-to-heart?

Is it when we sit together, in a safe space, let all the labels and stories go, and realise that underneath it all, we are the same?

Is it when we understand each other so deeply, transcending words, time and space?

Is it when you catch the gaze of another and stare into their eyes, really seeing each other’s soul?

Is it when you hug someone you love so tightly and feel such deep emotions of love?

Is it a heartfelt moment with another that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy?

Is it walking along the beach at sunset, observing the magnificence that is the sky, the earth and all of nature, as you dissolve into this experience, not perceiving the separateness anymore, becoming one with it all?

Is it slowing down, being still, and feeling that peaceful place within yourself… your heart?

These are all experiences of connection that have the power to move, transform, inspire and remind us of who we are, that we are here, that life is beautiful and that we are not alone.

How do you feel when you read of all this? Does any of it resonate? Do you remember these moments of connection? Do you desire them? Do you experience them regularly? Do you forget what they feel like? They are always accessible to each of us.

You can experience this connection in Reconnected.me Women’s Circles! Want to know more? Find out when the next circle is here!



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