The Power of Circles

I realised something after leaving women’s circle the other day….

I feel that gathering in circle is one of the most powerful forms of healing… Whether it is a women’s circle, men’s circle, community circle, chanting circle, sound healing circle, yoga circle, drumming circle, gifting circle, music circle, meditation circle, parenting circle, creativity circle, tea ceremony, sacred ceremony or any other kind of circle…. The magic is in the circle 🌟🌟

A circle represents a safe container.
A circle represents a place where we are all equal.
A circle has no beginning or end. There is no separation.. This represents oneness.
A circle represents a uniting of the whole.
A circle represents community.
A circle represents tradition.
A circle represents support and being held.
A circle represents reconnecting with ourselves and each other.
A circle is sacred.

Have you attended any kind of healing circle? What has been your experience?? Share below.

The more circles there are in this world, the better for us all!!

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