The Most Beautiful Moment of My Life

I recently experienced one of the most beautiful and memorable moments I’ve ever had in my life. It was during a transformational embodied dance workshop by @hemalayaa at @balispiritfest 

We moved, we danced, we shook, we screamed, we let our inner child out and played and danced together like we were kids. We let go, we released, we eye gazed, we were intimate, we connected, we came home to our hearts…. together.

Towards the end of the workshop, we started to create several circles around Hemalayaa and each other. We sat down together and she asked us “can you feel this?”… and I knew, we all knew, that we were feeling the same thing. We had come back to that place within our hearts, so open, free, peaceful and connected. We were together as many, and as one.

Hemalayaa then asked us, “What are you going to do with it?” Some responses were… “Create with it. Share it. REMEMBER it.”

She then reminded us to look at each other deeply in the eyes. Allow ourselves to be seen, and really see each other. It was so beautiful.

I then closed my eyes, and in that moment, I felt my heart in a deeper way than I had ever experienced before. More than in yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, plants or any other practice. I felt so moved and touched that emotion started to pour out of me and I cried my eyes out. One of the girls next to me held my hand, squeezed it, looked at me, as if to say, “it’s ok, I’ve got you.”

Wow. The most incredible experience, beyond words, that I am so grateful for, and will never ever forget. It changed me, moved me, touched me and impacted me so deeply. I remembered and embodied the love, peace, bliss, happiness, presence, stillness, that is my true nature. What a gift.

What are some of your most memorable moments? 

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