The Life of a Hummingbird (Poem)

Come with me on an adventure darling, take my hand and I’ll take yours.
Lets walk this path, straight ahead,
First east, then maybe north.
Come to think of it, let’s forget the directions and allow the path to unfold,
In any which way, wherever it may lead,
Let’s be brave and let’s be bold.
Although there may be no certainty or any guarantees,
The excitement of letting life take its course allows for more grace and ease.
From knowing that happiness is not out there for us to seek and find.
But instead as we walk our paths of heart, spreading love and being kind.
We may realise that happiness and joy are so much closer than we thought,
When we look within we see they are present, and not something that can be bought.
The joy of life comes to us, in many colours, shapes and sizes,
Just when we think we know what’s next, out jumps more unexpected surprises.
The road may not lead to where we planned and sometimes we will wonder why.
Never a dull moment would the hummingbird live as it spreads its wings to fly….

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