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To give you an idea of the foundations of this site, here is some useful information for you in 300 words or less!

The many layers of the philosophy…. I’m very grateful to see life through a wide angle, big picture lens. This philosophy has come as a result of direct experience.

  • The ancestral lens of health and life. Understanding what humans require to be healthy in a modern context. ie. Who are we as an animal species? What is our natural design when it comes to nutrition, sleep, movement, stress, sunshine, the environment we live in? What about overexposure to chemicals? What is modern technology doing to our health? What happens to health when wild humans with wild DNA are met with over-culture and modern living? How do we reconnect with nature?… and more. These things allow us to understand how to express our default human nature of health. We can learn from and use this lens today to reconnect to health.
  • A deep connection to the earth. Nature is not “out there”. We are nature. It is within us. It is us. We are it. We are part of a larger ecosystem. We are not separate from nature and the earth is our true home, our mother, our provider, our life force. Nature’s way is our way.
  • We are tribal beings. It is a deep part of our nature. We are here to connect, co-create, collaborate, contribute and be part of something larger than ourselves… tribe and community. We are stronger together.
  • One of life’s greatest mysteries is about remembering (a higher remembering) and getting to know who we truly are, underneath all the layers of our being. A journey home to the Self.  To express the love, bliss, peace and happiness that’s already within.
  • We are not separate from each other or the “world”. We are unified consciousness that exists within/as everything, and simultaneously nothing.
  • Ancient wisdom, knowing, remembering. Read about this on the blog here.

“Reconnected” – Murray Kyle

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