Sound Healing

Sound healing has been used for many thousands of years as a traditional form of healing. More recently it has become an alternative medicine for stress, sleep disorders and anxiety.

I’ve always loved music but never thought of it as healing. Of course it is! Its vibrations resonate within us. It moves us, touches us deeply, brings us joy, empowers, inspires and connects us. 

I experienced sound healing in yoga classes and workshops, and I always left feeling calm, light, peaceful and clear. Sometimes I went on journeys through different states of consciousness.  I learned and experienced how sound helps to clear stagnant energy/emotions, allowing us to come back to a peaceful state

Native American cultures have fascinated me for a long time and one day I decided I wanted to learn the Native American Flute. There is a deep resonance when I hear or play this soulful instrument. It transports me to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest; a place I spent time in and keep close to my heart.

My sound journey is ever-evolving and I am continually learning new instruments! I love sharing sound with others in my yoga classes, women’s circles, private sessions and workshops. You will hear the flute, RAV drum, sound bowls and more!

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