She Remembers (Poem)

Creativity often flows in cycles for me. Spending this weekend immersed in yoga teacher training has sparked some flowing words and metaphors….

As the sandy shores hold space for her feet to stroll across them, towards the distant sound of a beating drum… she wonders what lays ahead… for all she knows is that she has been called towards this vibrational sound.

Continuing along the sand, she tunes in to the simultaneous calming sound of the ocean waves, as they break at the shore.

Noticing a trail of sea shells laid out in two directions, guiding two different paths for her to take… she ponders for a moment, which path to follow.

Towards one direction, she can hear the sound of the drum becoming louder, and what lays ahead looks unfamiliar to her. She senses the unknown in this direction, that simultaneously scares and excites her.

Towards the other direction she hears a strange, high pitched sound, so familiar, but unable to put her finger on what it is. Somehow she senses that it is the path of least resistance…. and this is how she knows to walk the other path.

Advancing further ahead, she finds herself taking a slower pace towards this other path…. slightly hesitating, but also knowing she is exactly where she is meant to be heading.

For a little while, she decides to stop and stand in stillness, closing her eyes, breathing deeply and consciously. She starts to slowly drift inward, losing sense of body and surroundings…. dissolving into a space of pure awareness. The timelessness and beauty of this place feels so familiar.

And then, all of a sudden she is conscious of her surroundings again, the sound of the beating drum and the ocean waves.

She realises…. this beat of the drum that she thought she was searching for, is the internal beat of her heart. And the ocean sounds are her breath, flowing throughout her entire being.

She remembers. She remembers who she is and why she is here. This experience of knowing is what helps her to keep remembering…

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