Peter Williams is Living Consciously and Loving Everything on the RECONNECTED.ME Podcast Episode #3

Welcome to episode #3 of the podcast!

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Guest info: 

Peter is a health and wellness enthusiast who started in this field as a personal trainer some time ago. After working in the industry for 3 years, he decided that he had a thirst for more information. Along with his own health complications this led him down the path of further enquiry. With his interpretation of a healthy Australian diet he started to become progressively sicker, as he always had a low level of digestive discomfort throughout his life.

After being diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis, an autoimmune condition, Peter started to delve into the world of wellness and nutrition in an effort to heal himself. The other option was to take pharmaceuticals or accept the progression of his condition. Thankfully he stumbled across the Whole 30 diet, where an aspect of it included indications for the “autoimmune protocol” which led him to find Sarah Ballantyne’s book, “The Paleo Approach”. It was here that Peter started to learn about the impact of self love, nutrition and lifestyle factors on an individual’s state of health.

Peter is currently studying to become a Naturopath as well as a health coaching qualification with the dream of helping others. His passion is to help people see how beautiful they are and to assist in providing the tools to achieve their optimum level of health.


Show description:

In this episode we discuss:

  • Masculinity in society and the importance of expressing your emotions
  • Why we should love everything that happens to us; the upsides and the downsides
  • Why having an issue with your health can be a blessing in your life
  • Why meditation and gratitude helps you in everyday life
  • Lots more!


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