Reconnected Tribe - Online Womens Circles

Are you unsure of where you fit in? Are you looking to find your tribe? Are you looking for connection with like-minded women? Are you unable to attend a women’s circle in your area?

Then Reconnected Tribe is for you!

What is it?

The Reconnected Tribe is an online women’s circle community that is all about connection. Connection with ourselves and each other. We are social and tribal beings. Connection nourishes this aspect of ourselves and is key for health and happiness.

Why have I created this tribe?

In-person community and connection is wonderful, but some of you don’t have access to a women’s circle or community gathering in your area. I want to facilitate a space for you to be able to connect with other like-minded women and find your tribe, no matter where you are. 

Maybe you’re in Sydney and can’t make the in-person women’s circles, or perhaps you just prefer to be in the comfort of your own home. Whatever the case may be, I have you covered!

Personally I have made some incredible soul connections around the world with other women and men through various online groups, and I want you to have an opportunity as well! Many conferencing and video communication technologies now make it possible to feel like you are in the same room (it’s the next best thing!)

Join us!

We’d love for you to join us in circle. Click below to book your spot!

*Are you in Sydney and prefer to connect in person? Check out our monthly Women’s Circles!


The Reconnected Tribe will be launching soon!

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