Daniela Mallozzi is Helping People Connect to Their True Essence on the RECONNECTED.ME Podcast Episode #8

Welcome to episode #8 of the Reconnected.me podcast!

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Guest info

Daniela is a passionate, excited soul, who loves life and all beings. Her main work is being a mind and body therapist, specialising in Muscle Corrective Therapy, Remedial Massage and Motivational coaching.

She left her homeland, England to embark on a travelling adventure when she was 19 years young,  which lead to travelling extensively to over 20 countries and living/working/learning in Thailand, Mexico and different parts of Australia. Through this journey of personal exploration she found a greater sense of purpose and connection within herself and others.

Through trauma, adventure, separations, trials and tribulations, and book worthy experiences (she has 2 books in the making!) she gratefully and humbly found her driving force – LOVE.

She is currently based in Gymea,  Sydney, Australia.

Her passion is seeing people strive, thrive and flourish, with her motto “no passion, no point!” which leads the way for her and her clients.

Daniela’s mission is ‘to empower & release as many people as possible from pain & restriction in mind, body and spirit’.

Show description:

Warning… This episode contains LOVE. Thinking about this week’s show and guest just makes me smile as it’s with one of my soul sisters, Daniela Mallozzi. I love having my own show as it enables me to record conversations with dear friends that I love, and who have such beauty, joy and light to share and spread to all of you. We’ve joked many times that we should have pressed record during some of our conversations we’ve had offline, and this time we actually did. So now YOU get to be a fly on the wall. Be inspired by Daniela’s warmth, heart and loving nature, as we ponder and discuss:

  • How self-love can be a reflection of the relationships in your life
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Vulnerability and the opportunity for connection and growth
  • The upsides and downsides of social media
  • Plenty more!

Find Daniela at:

Contact Daniela for more info or to book a treatment (phone/Skype coaching sessions also available)

Email: danielarosemallozzi@gmail.com

Phone contact: 0422 719 352


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