Rebirthing Breathwork and Sound Medicine: A Powerful Healing Experience

I recently had a one-on-one rebirthing and sound healing session with the incredible Daniel Coates, aka. Suntara, and it was one of the most amazing healing experiences I’ve ever had.

Here is a recap of my journey:

As I began to breathe, in through the nose, out through the nose, just as a baby does… free, uninhibited, natural, rhythmic… it seemed that my breath was anything but this, and moreso a breath that signified I was in fight or flight mode, my sympathetic nervous system in activation, not fully letting my breath go on the exhale, and holding at the bottom slightly. It had been an average few days prior to this session, with silly ego stuff going on, so this didn’t surprise me.

Daniel then suggested I breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, which, after 5 or 10 minutes of doing so, enabled me to ease into this rhythm of breathing, switching back over to, in through the nose, out through the nose. I began to really drop into the flow of breath.

As I lay there, continuing to breathe, the vibrational sounds of the sound bowl, Daniel’s chanting, singing and throat singing, the medicine drum and possibly some other sound instruments, I felt the vibrations interact with and resonate throughout my entire being. I dropped into a deep place within me that felt as though my whole being was an embodiment of my heart. There were no psychedelic visions for me, just a deep feeling state.

After some time (no concept of time so I’m not exactly sure how long), energy/tension moved from my shoulders all the way down my arms, into my hands and fingers, leaving my hands clamped up into a fist. The tension was so intense, that I could not move my hands and fingers out of this fist shape. Energetically and physically, something was moving through and out of my body. This happened to me in a previous rebirthing session with Karina Pupo, but this time felt even more intense.

Daniel guided me through using my breath to help move this tension through. Slower breaths in and out. He also used various sound healing techniques to assist with this. The tension slowly released in my hands. However, this made way for a second wave of tension and energy to move through and the same thing started to happen again.

After what I realised was over 2 hours spent continuously breathing, Daniel started to inspect different meridian points in my feet. He picked up on a part in my foot that he felt held grief. Nothing recent, but perhaps grief from some time ago. This made sense as I lost my Dad about 10 years ago, and mentioned that there were some things that I wish I could have said to him before he passed, but never did. Daniel asked me if I had spoken to him after he passed, and I said that I had gone to the cemetery to sit there with him and talk to him, and that I also talk to him from time to time while I’m at home or driving. I know he is always here with me.

Daniel suggested a visualisation… to close my eyes and visualise myself sitting around a campfire with my Dad opposite me, and to tell him out loud what I wanted to tell him. I saw my Dad so clearly and told him that I love him, I miss him, I’m sorry for not always being a nice daughter, that even though I know he is always with me, I wish I could see and touch his physical body, and talk to him about life and what I’m doing in the world and just share a face to face conversation with him, and more. Daniel then suggested I now speak out loud what my Dad replied to me… and then he paused and said, “This is real.”

Words cannot explain the shift and feeling that I felt once Daniel said this… It was as though a switch had been flicked and an opening channel had been made space for… And then, through my heart and out of my mouth flowed words from my Dad, which I said out loud. “I love you. And those things that you mentioned, that you’re worried about not being a good daughter, I don’t remember any of that anyway. I am so proud of you, and I see who you are and what you’re doing in the world. Everything that you are doing now is wonderful, and is exactly where you are meant to be.”

Wow… a release of tears came and then the energetic release throughout my entire being, a deep release of grief, shifted my energy body and the energy of the room. In Daniel’s words, “the turbulence is gone and now there is stillness. You make me still.”

Wow again. I continued to breathe intermittently to allow the tension that was still in my hands to release, as well as talk with Daniel about the experience.

Seriously an amazing experience that has me really inspired me and sparked my curiosity to explore breathwork and rebirthing practices further.

The power of breath. I’ve known for many years through health and wellness immersion, how powerful the breath is. But this experience takes it to a whole new level. I even said to Daniel that this experience of breathwork is up there with using plant medicines for me. It enables us to access an altered state of consciousness and the deepest parts of ourselves to heal from the inside out.

Daniel is an incredible, intuitive space holder. He knew just what to do, when to give space, how to guide me to move through the energetic tension, when to breathe with me, when to advise me to shift how I breathed, when to sit with me, when and where to play the sound instruments and his voice over me, and more.

If you get a chance to experience a one-on-one rebirthing and sound healing session with Daniel, or a group sound healing, don’t hesitate. It is nothing short of incredible!!

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