I’m back from Bali and had one of the most incredible weeks of my life at Bali Spirit Festival!

While in Bali recently, I found myself tap into a state of presence that I had not felt in the same way before. Wherever I was, I was only there with who and what was in front of me, as if nothing else existed, no outside world or home in Sydney. Just pure presence.

I had felt this similar experience being immersed in the jungle in Peru last year, but this had a different flavour I cannot put into words.

Minimising social media use and just being fully immersed in each interaction and experience in the moment, created space for so much joy and bliss to shine through. There was more opportunity for connection and intimate moments. What a gift.

It made me really see how challenging this can be for me at home in Sydney. But why is it different?

It made me look at when and where I’m not present in my everyday life. It reminded me of how distracted I can become with things outside of myself.

What I’ve realised is that I am present with other people, but I am not always present with myself. Hmmm…. Since coming home, I found it hard the first few days to really be here. I felt that my stay In Bali ended prematurely and I had resistance to being back. I realised I wasn’t present in my experience of life here, and thanks to seeing many of my tribe, it helped me really land and ground, and I now feel like I am here and present again.

Some other questions have come to mind several times… How well do I embody my own experience of life? Can I really be where I’m at, at any given time, and truly just be there and nowhere else?

Presence is a state of being. It is also a precious gift we can give ourselves and each other.

How well do you embody your own experience of life? Where in your life are you most present? Where in your life are you not as present as you could be? What are you missing by not being present? Share below!

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