*Please note, as of March 2018, Lucy is taking a break from podcasting for an indefinite amount of time. Feel free to dig back through the archives for interesting, deep and meaningful conversations with beautiful people from all walks of life.

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The Reconnected.me podcast is an extension of this website.

Lucy’s life endeavours have taken her from looking at how we were designed to live and embody health as humans, to what naturally progressed towards a continuous journey of asking, “What else? What is this life? Who am I? What is our nature?”… as you will find out on the podcast.

Listen in to the many interesting conversations with beautiful people for plenty of wisdom, inspiration and food for thought as we discuss everything from nutrition, nature, community and movement, to rewilding, philosophy, knowing the Self and many other aspects of conscious living. We continually explore the idea of reconnecting with and getting to know our nature as humans and beyond.

I am always open to chatting with new and interesting people as there is plenty of room to learn from others as well as connect and share important messages. If you would like to appear on the podcast as a guest, feel free to email Lucy at lucy@reconnected.me

Tell me about yourself, your philosophy/what you stand for/your message, and how relevant it would be for me to have a conversation with you on the show.