One Person Can Make a Difference

What is your relationship with the Earth?

Is it passive? Is it respectful? Is it non-existent? Do you give a shit?

As we find ourselves in a time where the Earth, our true home, is in a state of human destruction and disconnection, and planetary/human/ecosystem health is at an all time-low, we must wake up to what we are doing and how we are being…. NOW.

We are beings of the Earth, and collectively we’ve forgotten that. We’ve dug ourselves into this hole and collectively we must unite and get ourselves and all beings out of it.

“But what can I do, I’m just one person? What I do won’t make much difference.”

This is a common mentality I hear and see a fair bit. A while ago I used to say it too. When we look at the uphill battle that we are up against, it can feel like that. Also, if we are far removed from something it’s easy to turn a blind eye. But what if we zoomed out, looked at the bigger picture, and simultaneously went deeper than that?

Here’s an example… If you as one person made a choice today, to stop using plastic water bottles, and then your partner made that choice, and then that rippled across to your family and your partner’s family, then it spread to your friends and their family, which spread to the wider community, then the surrounding areas, the city, the state, the country, the world… What started out as one person has the ability to ripple effect throughout the collective… if we are willing to open our eyes, hearts and hands, contribute and play our part in this planetary healing that needs to happen.

Obviously it’s not a simple, clear cut thing, snap your fingers and we all change our behaviour or attitude. There needs to be education, awareness, healing of trauma, personal healing, communal healing, etc…

In some cases people need to go through a crisis or hit rock bottom before a change happens. What will it take? The global environmental issues, the recent bush fires, the loss of lives, human, animal, plant, other species, disease, no place to live… What is it going to take?

Remember, it starts with you. What if we all made an informed choice today to choose a different way of being towards the Earth? What could happen?

We always have a choice. We can become empowered instead of being passive and reactive. No judgement. Just action.

Small things turn into big things… Small pieces make up the whole. Small steps add up to big steps. You get the point.

Now I know some people will say… The same people that talk about climate change, saving the Earth and recycling, are the same people who drive cars, use technology and wi-fi, eat out at restaurants, shop at Woolies and other big corporations, buys books on Amazon, eats organic food but uses chemical personal care and cleaning products, uses any kind of product, buys clothing, buys all sorts of things, uses toilets and showers, etc…. which are all impactful to our health and the planet’s health, directly or indirectly…

Heck, I’m writing this post on my laptop. However, if we start with the smaller scale things in our immediate environment and community that we have more control over to begin with, the potential for collective change and the possibility of what we are capable of together is huge. Looking at small changes to our spending, consuming and lifestyle habits is a great place to start.

I’m not perfect, sometimes I slip up, indulge or participate in things or behaviours that aren’t ideal for the Earth. Lessening my impact on the planet needs a lot of work. And I do my best and what I can…

Here are some things I make an effort to be mindful about… Maybe you do some of them too or maybe it gives you something to consider. It’s worth noting that none of this has happened overnight – it’s taken me about 9 years to get here. The important thing is to start somewhere and take baby steps, one thing at a time…

🥥 Food – shop at farmers markets, smaller family and ethical businesses instead of supermarkets (who have shitty practices and systems in place that impact the environment – think transport, packaging, chemicals and who knows what else). Choose organic, natural and chemical-free as much as possible (beware of marketing and BS, not all organic, “all-natural” and chemical-free is legit).

Connect, develop a relationship with and speak to the people who grow my food, and support the most ethical and local producers that I can. Use re-usable shopping bags rather than disposable plastic bags and individual packaging (ideally there would be no bags at all because even health and Earth-supporting products still have some impact). I support regenerative holistic farming, not factory farming or chemical agriculture, where the animals and plants have a happy, natural life and create an ecosystem that mimics nature.

🥑 Products – I try to minimise the personal care and cleaning products I use and keep all of them nature-based. Many of my products are food-based (coconut + olive oil, essential oils, apple cider vinegar, etc), so they double as food and care. I recycle and try to minimise plastic as much as possible. It’s in freaking everything!

🚘 Car and technology – I drive a 21 year old Toyota Corolla. I have an old iPhone. My last laptop was 7 years old and I recently got another one because the old one died. I refuse to update or buy anything like this until I have to. Ideally I wouldn’t have any of these things and I’m continually trying to find ways that I can lessen my usage.

💦 Water – I use a Zazen filter. I don’t buy water in plastic (or any other material) bottles and I carry my refillable stainless steel bottle with me everywhere. For showering and dishwashing, I try to keep the water usage shorter and colder where I can.

📙 Books – I’ve stopped buying books (think trees, transportation, packaging and who knows what else). What’s interesting to note… Buying books that tell us to reconnect with the Earth (whilst this impacts the Earth!)

🌀Minimalism – I’ve been quite minimalist in my lifestyle for many years and am mindful of living with a lot less “stuff”, which means less consumption, buying and disposing of “things”

🌏 Other stuff – I turn off lights, electronic devices and the wi-fi when not in use (especially at night for health as well). I pick up other people’s rubbish, often finding a lot on the beach or just anywhere.

🌿Healing – I continue to do the work on myself through all sorts of healing modalities – yoga, meditation, sound, plants, natural medicine, etc, as this helps me reconnect and deepen more into my relationship with myself, others and the Earth.

Eventually I would love to become more self-sufficient, more eco-friendly and live closer to nature and off the land, lessening the environmental impact…

I love my life and do not feel restricted or lacking or like I’m “missing out” on anything at all from the choices that I make. Happiness and freedom is internal.

There are many other things and there are also likely things that I do but don’t realise the impact it may be having. I know there is always more that I can do to play my part and offer my contribution, so I continue to deepen into that.


Does any of this resonate with you? What part do you play in your contribution to the wellbeing of yourself, your loved ones, your community, the planet? Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences below!

Also, if you know someone that might benefit from reading this post, or if you resonate and feel like you want to spread this message, feel free to SHARE THE LOVE! 💗

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