Meet Lucy

Hi, I’m Lucy! I am a Sydney-based yoga teacher, women’s circle facilitator and wellness writer.

Women’s Circle Facilitator

Women’s circles came into my life at a time where I was really exploring what it meant and felt like to be part of something larger than myself. I had friends in many different circles, but was never really part of a larger community or tribe. I knew that this was a missing piece in my wellness puzzle, so I started attending several different women’s circles and gatherings. 

Each time I gathered in circle there was a feeling that was present deep within me that I could not ignore.

I observed myself going back each week, and noticed how I felt every time. It was like a subtle knowing, that this is part of who I am, and who we are.  I received so many gifts in circle and decided I wanted to create a space to offer women a similar experience and value in their lives to what I was given. A safe space to connect, be seen, heard and felt, to be understood deeply, to be themselves, a space to come home, reconnect and remember. And then, the Women’s Circle was born.

Yin Yoga Teacher

I realised early on in my yoga journey that the physical asana poses are a vehicle for Self-discovery, awareness and inquiry, and are only part of the whole yoga picture. 

My personal practice teaches me to show up, even when it’s challenging, to do the work, stay open, to check-in, take time out for myself and commit to this journey of expansion, on and off the mat. 

What I love most about teaching is holding space, creating a safe container and facilitating a shared experience of learning and reconnecting, both for the receiving yogi student and myself.

Yin Yoga in particular is my favourite to teach and practice. It is an incredibly grounding, calming, de-stressing, blissful, sometimes challenging, form of yoga. As we sit or lay in stillness while making shapes, we really have the opportunity to be with ourselves and see our “stuff”. This can be confronting, but the benefits on the other side are totally worth it! It is within the gift of stillness that we can see, hear and feel more clearly. Plus, it FEELS great!

Native American Flute

I am fascinated by sound + music and I play the Native American Flute in my classes and women’s circles.

I am deeply inspired by Native American cultures and this soulful, healing instrument. Each time I play the flute it feels like a remembering of the sounds of our ancestors. The vibration transports me to the sounds and sensations of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, a place I keep close to my heart and that incredibly enhanced my flute playing and connection to myself, others, the Earth, music, my purpose… to it all…

More About Me

My path of conscious living began many years ago with nutrition, lifestyle and looking at the ways humans were designed to live and thrive in their natural environment. Diving down this rabbit hole allowed me to develop an ancestral, primal lens around health and wellness that has become an incredibly valuable tool to help me navigate through this life.
My inquisitive, philosophical and curious nature then steered me in the direction of asking some of the larger and more meaningful questions about life… “Who am I?” “Why are we are?” “What does this all mean?” 

This led to a natural progression down the wondrous path of realising that there is a bigger picture beyond this human experience. I then found (reconnected with) ceremony, yoga, women’s circles, community, sound, and all that comes with this path of heart and consciousness expansion.

My higher purpose is to remember who I am, to be of service, to inspire and walk alongside others on this journey of remembering, through example, inquiry, experience, forgetting, sharing realisation, empowerment and love.

I believe in spreading love, health, kindness and inspiration. I love all things connection, community and bringing people together.

Poetry, creative writing, movement, dance and play are my main forms of self-expression. Nutrition is the foundation of my wellness philosophy. Nature/the earth is my home.

To find out even more about me, listen to my interview on Wholesome Radio with That Bowl Girl. It’s a discussion about many of my favourite areas of interest…. Women’s circles, health and wellness, community, holding space and the deeper rabbit holes of life! Click here.