Lucy’s Women’s Circle Story

Women’s circles came into my life at a time where I was really exploring what it meant and felt like to be part of something larger than myself 🤔 I had friends in many different circles, but was never really part of a larger community or tribe. I knew that this was a missing piece in my wellness puzzle, and felt the pull to further explore this 🙊
I started attending several different women’s circles and gatherings, and regularly went to the one at HYA YOGA that was run by Imogen Bailey from Honouring Heart
Each time I gathered with a group of women in circle, whether it was those that were there regularly like me, or new faces, there was a feeling that was present deep within me that I could not ignore.
I continued to observe myself going back each week, and noticed how I felt every time. It was like a subtle knowing, that this is part of who I am, and who we are as women and as social beings. Coming together in circle, sharing stories, experiences, wisdom, creating, listening, laughing, moving, dancing, writing, feeling, seeing, hearing, learning, realising, supporting… It felt so familiar and so natural.
I received (and gave) so much in circle and decided I wanted to create a space to offer women a similar experience and value in their lives to what I was given. A safe space to connect, to be seen, heard and felt, to be understood deeply, to be themselves, a space to come home, reconnect and remember. And then, the Reconnected.me Women’s Circle was born.
When I hold space in circle, a felt sense of this knowing and remembering comes alive, as rushes of energy pulse through my heart. For me, it is a recognition of something so sacred being expressed within me. I drop deeply into that place, and down to my bones, I feel, know and remember that I have been here before…

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