Lucy Lichtenstein Shares Her Conscious Poetry on the Reconnected.me Podcast Episode #19

Welcome to episode #19 of the Reconnected.me podcast!

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Show Description

This week I share some of the conscious poetry that I write and the inspiration for each poem. Writing poetry is one of my favourite ways to express myself, and I’ve had encouragement from people to do some spoken word readings…. so here you go!

These poems are a representation of my journey walking down the conscious living and spiritual path of the past few years, and really reflects where I am in life right now. Nature, Mother Earth, heart wisdom, non-duality, wildness, etc.

I’d love to know what you think about me reading out my poetry on the show. Is this something that you would like to hear more of from time to time? Comment below! 😊


Find Lucy at:

Website: www.reconnected.me

Instagram: @reconnected.me

Facebook: @reconnected.me


Mentioned in the show

Lucy’s poems read on the show today, also on www.reconnected.me

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