Love Heals (Poem)

My writings are usually inspired by light… But this was inspired by thinking about anyone who’s ever had to walk through extreme darkness.

For every friend I’ve ever had that has been hurt so badly that it hurts me too. For anyone that has had to endure unimaginable pain… For every member of this human and soul family that has had to experience shame along the way. Probably all of us. This is for you…. Feel free to interpret it how you wish. This could be you for someone else. Someone else for you. Or something else.


Fall into my arms, my darling, and hold on tight as you can… It’s time to dig deep and shatter those walls as gently as you can stand.

For there’s no need to lock away, the hurt and pain anymore. It’s time to release it piece by piece, and allow your heart to soar.

Let our hearts rest against each other’s chests and beat simultaneously. For two joined hearts can crowd out darkness, unconditionally.

Just know it’s ok to lay it all out and bare your soul freely. For my soul is here wide open and free for you and all to see.

Let’s hold each other and heal together, there’s no shame in vulnerability. I have your hand, you can squeeze mine, I’ll lift you up high if you will let me.

Let go of the pain, let go of the shame, and allow yourself to feel. Give it to yourself first, and then receive it from me. It’s love that will help us heal.

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