Life Through the Senses (Poem)


The sight of a magnificent sunset, where blue tones wash away the sky, leaving behind riches of reds, oranges and yellows… as the cycles of nature bring forth the closing of another day….

The taste of a fragrant, sweet and tangy fruit, picked at the perfect moment, a balance of ripeness and richness, leaving behind traces of flavour, satisfying the taste buds and nourishing the cells.

The sound of the ocean… as the waves meet the sandy shores, creating vibrations… calming and tranquil sounds, drifting away into space…

The smell of fragrant flowers, growing side by side amongst everpresent fields of luscious green pastures….

The touch of your hand on my hand…. of a heart to heart hug…. the most beautiful, felt sense of connection, warmth and grounding…

The sense of knowing of our existence…. the deepest, most intimate knowledge that “i am”, that “we are”, that we are here.

The feeling of love… deeply in the heart…. vibrations, sensations of bliss, bathing in happiness… the ultimate expression of being.

Perceiving the world through the senses…. what a gift. This is pure beauty. This is pure joy. So much gratitude….

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