Let’s Be Real (About Yoga)

For those of you just starting out in yoga, are interested in trying it out, are dedicated yogi’s but not at an advanced level yet or who want to teach but don’t feel “good enough”… I am sharing this story and journey for you, to let you know that yoga is amazing, to give it a go, to be open to stay with it and know that you don’t need to be able to do all the advanced, cool looking poses to receive the incredible benefits or to attend a class. The poses are a vehicle for the real work that comes from within ❤ The same can be said if you want to teach.

This is me as a yoga teacher/facilitator….

I can’t headstand or handstand unassisted… 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️ Nor can I crow pose without a block. Sometimes I fall out of tree pose, come off balance in aeroplane or other balancing poses, and sometimes I’m wobbly doing a crescent lunge 🙊

I know I’ll be able to do these things more effectively someday, but I’m ok with not being able to right now. I didn’t always feel this way. I saw some of my stuff come up about “being out of my depth” during yoga teacher training last year when I was the only one who couldn’t do most of the arm balances. It didn’t feel great, but I noticed it, observed it, felt it, sat in it, and have now become ok with it 😁😁

Yoga is becoming really popular these days, which is absolutely wonderful, but something I see and have experienced myself is, to those that are newer to yoga, at first it can be intimidating, daunting and challenging… 😑

(Speaking from experience) It’s also very easy to compare yourself to others who have been practising and teaching for years upon years, as you watch the upside down, inside out, back to front, perfect form poses being performed, which can trigger a version of the “not good enough” story. This is really great because it challenges us and allows us to see and address our stuff, just like I mentioned above 🙈🙉

I have been doing my Yin teacher training with Sarah Owen recently, and one of the inquiry questions she asked us on the first day was… “What can I give to yoga?” What a wonderful question! This is where I become even more clear on what I CAN do and what I can offer. Here’s what I came up with…..

As a yoga student/teacher…. 🙏🙏

  • I can show up.
  • I can check in with myself.
  • I can keep showing up even when it’s challenging… especially when it’s challenging.
  • I can focus on my own practice and not worry what is happening around me (not always easy).
  • I can be open to looking at my mind “stuff.”
  • I can be dedicated to my own practice.
  • I can be there as a guide and hold space for you.
  • I can assist with instruction, alignment and safety.
  • I can offer you my presence, support, love, care, kindness, honesty and vulnerability.
  • I can continue to work on myself and grow to be able to serve you as best as possible.
  • I can share from my own experience to inspire inquiry within yourself.
  • I can walk beside you on your journey of self discovery.
  • I can learn from you and learn with you.
  • We can walk this path together.

Now I offer this question to you as well… What can you give to yoga?

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