Lessons from the Jungle: Wholeness

I recently had one of the most incredible experiences of my life where I spent almost 3 weeks in Peru for shamanic ceremonies and nature immersion.

The idea of wholeness was something that came up for me a lot.

Before Peru, this was just an intellectual concept, as well as a fleeting state that I briefly experienced several times during things like meditation, yoga, ceremonies, etc.
My first few days spent in the jungle in Peru, turned this concept and fleeting state, into a state of being.
No phone, no social media, no distractions… just immersion in nature, music, community, connection, food, shelter and ourselves. Simplicity.
Nothing existed outside of where I was or beyond the present moment. All the mind “stuff” that comes with modern city life dissolved into oblivion (eg. validation, comparison, not good enoughness, etc). Whoa.
There was no past or future. There was no life at home in Sydney or missing anything or anyone. There was just now, and I needed nothing more. I needed nothing outside of myself.
I truly believe that for the first time, for an extended period, I directly experienced wholeness and complete presence. There were no mind stories that took me away from myself or where I was. Wow, wow, wow.

This was so profound for me and showed me soooo much. It doesn’t take very long to get back to our natural state.
And it really highlighted just how much of a hold that social media and screen addiction has on us, on me. It’s messed up, but with awareness we can get back to that place at any point, if we become aware and we choose – kind of ironic that I write this from my phone on social media.
This stuff is a big part of our world today, but a digital detox goes a long way. For me it was like a remembering. Ditching these things allowed me to create space for my true nature to shine through. I re-remembered who I am, underneath it all.
This was the medicine before the medicine! Amazing!
Have you ever experienced this before? I would love to hear about it!

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