Lessons from the Jungle: Discernment

Many of you know that I spent a few weeks in Peru recently, and I have to say, this experience changed my life in so many ways. One of the biggest lessons that I received was about discernment. Being able to discern between this and between that in life… People, situations, circumstances, truths, values, what’s mine or not, lessons, etc.

Since coming home this lesson of discerning has been at the forefront of my integration and expansion. It’s helped me to decide and consolidate and let go and focus (and not focus!). It has also confused the shit out of me at times!

I’ve realised that life seems to be a dance between discernment and flow. There are times where life will throw something at us that requires us to make decisions, choose which way to go and discern between this or that. Once we decide, discern, let go and let be, we can create the space for flow.

And although it would be great to flow all the way through life all of the time, being human means that more “stuff” will arise. Usually after riding the flow wave for a while, more situations of discernment are put on your path, and there you are again doing that dance.

But one wouldn’t want to be in discernment mode all the time as that would mean analysing a lot and being less present and of the heart.

It’s taken me this past few weeks being home, to move past some things, but now that I’ve let some stuff go, doors are opening, flow is happening and I can feel my heart leading the way again.

Allowing the heart and mind to work together as team mates is a practice.

What are you needing to discern between that’s holding off the flow? What are you not seeing? What can you let go of to open the door to flow?

Lets’s dance!

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