Know Thyself

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Who am I?”

How do you identify yourself? Is it by your family role, job title, your interests, gender, age, other characteristics or descriptions?

For example, do you define yourself as a caring, compassionate, loving person? Do you define yourself as a daughter, mother, brother, wife, husband, friend, grandparent? Do you define yourself as a teacher, healer, coach, entrepreneur or practitioner?

Who are you without these labels? If we hold on tightly to these identities and let them define who we are, we limit ourselves, we crowd our mind with attachments and stories built around these identities and when things change we can struggle with losing ourselves.

Have you ever wondered if there is more than this? Have you taken a look at who and what is beyond/underneath all of these descriptions and concepts?

All these questions are no small feat, which I have come to discover while walking this path of personal growth, Self discovery and remembering.

Who I am, who you are and who we are, is not exactly a clear cut answer at first (second, third, forth or 1000th) glance!

What if there were more to the picture than the countless ways we define ourselves, beyond language, time and space? Are you willing or even interested to look a little deeper?

For many years my path was one of seeking for answers. After diving down the health path for a while, I started to ask some of these bigger questions I mentioned above. Eventually this led me to realise that there are more questions than answers, that sometimes the answer is in the question, and furthermore, maybe I don’t necessarily need to know it all. Can you relate?

What I’ve found through personal experience in many different healing practices is that there is a part of ourselves (ego, small self – mind-based) that perceives itself as separate from others and the outside world. This part of us lives in a language-based, physical human experience, using the identity, stories, concepts and labels of the mind to operate in this reality. The ego (conscious) self wants to protect us, keep us safe, secure and small. There is also the shadow (unconscious) aspect of self. You can read more about this here.

There is also a part of ourselves (our essence, true, higher Self – heart-based) that is whole and one with everything…. the earth, trees, sun, sky, you, me, the universe, is all connected. There is no separation and it is all made of the same ingredients, coming from the same source. This source and true nature is love, bliss, peace, happiness, stillness. Some may call it consciousness, awareness, presence. The higher Self is infinite.

As you can see, this is a rabbit hole that runs deep. In fact, it’s difficult to describe and not truly comprehensible by the thinking mind. I only share this from my own experiences, mostly through plant medicine. Before I had my own direct experience and truly felt this with my heart, it was all just intellectual concepts.

To summarise, here’s what I’ve come to today… The journey of life seems to be a dance between the mind and the heart. It’s about knowing ourselves, through experiencing all shades of colour (light and dark), through (re-)connecting with others, through relating with the outside world (and therefore the inside world), to discover (re-remember) the truth of who we are, underneath it all. We must not bypass and forget that we are human and we are spiritual beings. When we become more Self aware we can choose where we operate from.

The more we get to know ourselves, expand our hearts and continue to do the work, the deeper we can connect with ourselves and each other. The better our relationship with ourselves and others. The more we can live consciously, peacefully and freely.

You see what I mean now with there being more questions than answers?! 🙂

So let’s come back to the original question. Who are you? No matter where you are on your journey, just by asking this question can open you up to a whole other world of possibilities, experiences, insights, realisations, challenges, triumphs, discovery, emotions, joy, wonderment, mystery, love, connection and so much more!

It’s an exciting time to be alive and an honour to walk this lifelong journey of Self discovery and remembering who we are. Forever learning and uncovering 🙂

The upcoming theme for the March women’s circle is Know Thyself, and we will be looking at who we think we are, how we identify ourselves, what may be underneath that and more.

Women’s circle is such a beautiful place to connect with like minded women and to reconnect with yourself. If you want to know more about women’s circle or to book your space, you can do so here.

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