Is the Magic in the Questions?

Questions… ??????????

Here’s a thought… The magic may not necessarily be in the answers, but in the questions…. or in the intention and act of questioning. The answers are always there, but it can take asking questions to realise or bring out the answers and the truth. It’s almost as though we may not necessarily realise the fullness and depth of ourselves until we decide to question or until we are asked a question. Questions can facilitate expression.

As a podcaster and interviewer, this has become apparent. As a friend, this also seems to be the case. I ask people questions all the time, and I feel that this is key in understanding, connecting, learning, realising, shifting, growing, expressing…. and so much more (on both sides). It’s also pretty damn interesting! And as a philosophy geek, an inquirer of myself, this has also become so clear. I question things, I question and inquire deeply within myself. I ask questions about life. It’s amazing what comes up.

Questioning, even if we don’t always (immediately, or ever) find an answer, can facilitate magic. Having the awareness, openness, willingness and curiosity to ask questions is awesome.

Consider asking more questions… Who knows what may come up…. ??

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