Inspired by Mother Nature and Earth Medicine (Poem)

Sometimes words just flow and I have to write them down and share them. This came to me after the fact of some incredible, life-changing experiences. From my heart to yours (one and the same)…


Oh mother, there is no other. You give us all we need.

You ARE all we need. Even if we’ve forgotten how to see.

Caught up in unconscious illusion. Living our days in mere confusion.

The conscious tide is coming to… remind us all again of you.

We’ve walked this path the long way round. Leaving behind the universal sound.

Distracted by material disconnect… and now we’re learning how to reconnect.

Seeking in life from the outside in. Realising that pure bliss is already within.

Never mind bringing darkness to light. Bringing light to the darkness shines so bright.

The clear beauty is in consciously seeing… that I am you, you are me, no separation, just pure being.

The trees, the earth, the sky, the sun. Let us remember we are all here as one.

Being love, being light, being that which just is. It is here and now we embody true happiness.

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