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Guest info: 

Imogen Bailey is an accomplished actress, artist and birth, end of life and women’s wellness doula. Imogen is widely regarded as a passionate, creative Australian personality. Throughout her extensive journey from marketing to stage and screen, and then on to advocate, doula and women’s group facilitator and trainer, a passion for the human experience has remained the undercurrent throughout all of her work.

Imogen’s breadth of knowledge and experience compliments her integrity and empathy, offering a depth and maturity to her work.


Show description: 

An episode from the archives!

My guest this week is the wonderful Imogen Bailey from Honouring Heart.

At a time in human history where we see a shift towards health, wellness, ourselves, each other, community and what it is to be human, going back to traditional wisdom and ways of living enables us to reconnect with our nature.

Sacred women’s circles and gatherings are a part of this traditional wisdom and are making their way back into our culture; a seemingly lost part of our heritage that really honours the tribal part of our nature. Women’s circles are an ancient ritual. Women (and communities) have been gathering in circle for many thousands of years, to be together, share wisdom and stories and empower each other in a focused and attentive way.

In this episode we discuss:

To find out more about circle facilitation training, women’s circles and workshops with Imogen, check out www.honouringheart.com


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Website: www.honouringheart.com
Instagram: @honouringheart
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Twitter: @imogen_bailey


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