I Am Nature. You Are Nature.

I am nature. You are nature.

Somewhere along the way, our beliefs and culture perceives nature to be everything else “out there”, like the birds, trees and beaches, but somehow humans have been exempt from this “definition.” This highlights the clear disconnection that has perpetuated over time… Humans being divorced from nature; our nature.

I’m going to put this out there. Could it be that the global epidemic of health issues we see today are a result of our disconnection from nature (both our human and true nature)? Could all these diseases be spiritual in nature and tied to disconnection from the earth, our mother, our wildness and consciousness/the forgotten Self? Can we heal ourselves by reconnecting?

If it comes from the earth, by design that’s what we require for health, happiness, peace, bliss, love… which are all synonymous to one another. Food from the earth, water from the earth, consciousness expanding plant medicine from the earth, community/tribe from the earth, movement on the earth, contact with the earth. These are all vital resources that have been here for us all along. The earth is our medicine, our true home, our life force. If it doesn’t come from the earth then it’s probably a good idea to question it.

I ponder these notions and work to embody them in my life continuously. We have to realise that we are not separate from nature. That nature is a part of us. That we are a part of it. That we ARE it. That everything “out there” is within.


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