I Am Everything and I Am Nothing (Poem)

Inspired by women’s circle the other night. Wildness. Heart wisdom. Non-duality. Nature. Here is an expression from my heart to yours….

I am everything and I am nothing.

I am the light that begins a new day,
I am the tide where the ocean breaks.
I am the fire that illuminates the dark,
I am the candle that holds eternal spark.
I am the wind that sweeps you off your feet,
I am the water that flows down the stream.
I am the trees grounded in the Earth,
I am the flowers that blossom first.
I am the moon that beams freely,
I am the sun that shines unconditionally.
I am the sky that watches over the sea,
I am the stars that sparkle continuously.
I am the strings that play harmoniously,
I am the clouds that float endlessly.
I am the sand that warms beneath your feet,
I am the heart that infinitely beats.
I am the songbird that expands its wings,

I am the sweet sounding songs that it sings.
I am the beauty that radiates on the outside,

I am the voice that heals from the inside.
I am the eyes that reflect into the soul,
I am the vibration of the sound bowl.
I am the enchanting flute melody,
I am the love that connects you and me.
I am the observer of the experience.
I am the path of least resistance.
I am the expression of the infinite and endless,
I am the form and the formless.
I am the medicine that expands consciousness,
I am the wisdom that is awareness.
I am the ever-dissolving emptiness,
I am everything and simultaneously nothingness….

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