Go Deeper into the Shadows

Lately I’ve been talking a fair bit about the shadow self that seems to be coming out in myself and so many people around me A LOT this year (The shadow self being aspects of oneself that we don’t want to face and/or hide away from others… repressed instincts, weakness, embarrassing fears, desires, impulses… such as shame, insecurity, control, unworthiness… the list goes on and on).

The common theme I have noticed is that all of us are working in supporting others through their own healing and growth.

For me, I have never experienced so much of my shadow and fearful small self come out in mass amounts on a regular basis, as I have this year.

My take on what is happening is this… We are being called to GO DEEPER in a big way. In order to be able to help and support others to heal, first we must REALLY heal ourselves. First we must go deep into the parts of ourselves we have been hiding from the world, bringing them to light and really allowing ourselves to be seen in our vulnerability and rawness. No more hiding or getting in the way. Healing from the inside out.

There is also the Golden shadow which are the undiscovered, unexpressed strengths, gifts and highly creative parts of us. There seems to be a dance happening here. Heal your darkness and make way for your golden gifts to come through in full force.

Digging deep allows us to have a greater sense of Self and expands our capacity to love and to serve. This needs to happen.

We must also acknowledge that life is not always rainbows and butterflies… that’s only part of the picture. If we don’t look at the other side, we are bypassing and suppressing a lot. We miss out on experiencing the fullness of life in all it’s colour (light and dark). To know light, we must know dark. This is how we heal.

If this sounds like you and you’ve been sitting in the shadows a lot this year, can you relate and do you agree? Do you feel like we are being called to dig deep in order to really step into our full power? How does this feel for you? Would love you to share below! Tag a friend that needs to read this! đź’•

Ps. On a related note, I am absolutely loving the book “Dreaming Through Darkness” by Charlie Morley- Lucid Dreaming and Shadow. So many holy shit moments! It’s changing my life! If you want to go deeper into knowing and healing yourself, check it out!

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