Giving and Receiving

The acts of giving and receiving have been present in my life for as long as I can remember. When I give, it is without expectation. I give because I enjoy seeing others happy, cared for and feeling good. But what about receiving?? I don’t receive as easily as I give. This is something I’m very aware of and am still learning to do graciously. I’ve realised that reciprocity is a human tendency and is also present throughout the natural world. Since we are nature, it is no surprise that we express this tendency. Giving without expectation is beautiful, but it is also wonderful to share in this reciprocity.

Giving and receiving can show up in so many ways. It doesn’t have to be the physical giving and receiving of an item. It can be giving your full attention, time, presence and energy to a loved one when they are speaking. It can be receiving feedback. It could also be receiving a compliment from someone without deflecting the attention from you back to them (I’m guilty of this a fair bit, but aware). Something simple like this can point to deeper conditioned beliefs and behaviours about oneself… perhaps not worthy of receiving, or difficulty accepting love… Hmm…

When do you give unconditionally (without expectation of receiving)?
When do you receive with grace and gratitude?
Where in your life do you have a hard time receiving?

The cycles of reciprocity, giving and receiving are abundant in nature. The sun shines its light on the earth unconditionally… a source of life for the planet and all beings. The earth receives this light and expresses itself as the magnificent planet we inhabit. The soil provides nutrients for plants, animals, microbes, humans and all living beings of this ecosystem. These living beings give back to the soil to continue the cycle again and again. Mother Earth provides us a home and in turn (ideally) we (should) look after her.

The beauty in all of nature and in all things gives us humans the experience of witnessing and receiving beauty and remembering who we are/our nature. In this remembrance, we give back to the earth and other beings by expressing joy, love and happiness. (Ok, getting deep here!!)

It is in this reciprocity that all life exists and continues… that these cycles of giving and receiving are nature’s way for us.

How do you play your part in these natural cycles of reciprocity? And could abundance be in the giving AND receiving?

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