Flowstate and the Dance that Moved Me

My recent BaliSpirit Festival experience brought me so many gifts. Another one of them was tapping into a deep flow state like no other.

I’ve been in flow before in many different ways, but this was something else. For me flow feels like a full immersion, presence and embodiment of my experience in the moment. There is freedom, movement and stillness, all at once.

This flow happened during one particular contact improv dance with a new friend I made at the festival. We moved, contacted, eye gazed, smiled, touched, connected. It was intimate.

For me, time stopped and it was as if there was no one else around (even though there were hundreds of people). I dropped out of the mind and into my body. I moved like I have never moved before. I felt free. I was in Flow state.

This was big for me. I don’t give a shit what I look like when dancing by myself and I love moving freely. However, throw another person into the mix, even a friend, and most of the time, I get in my head, thinking I am not good enough, would mess up or not be able to flow with them, etc. Basically, I get in the way.

One of the biggest things that allowed me to drop into flow during this dance was that a safe, strongly held container was created in order for me to do so. His energy held me and kept me safe. I was not judged and I was free.

This dance moved me and changed me in ways I am not even entirely sure about yet. It opened me up to deeper places within myself that I had not experienced before. It opened my heart. The energy, memory and emotion of it is still there. The words just can’t portray the experience. For all of this I am so grateful.

Thank you for what was much more than just the dance!

What is your experience of flow state? Would love you to share below!

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